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Carte de Artiste – Cudesch d’artist

Daniel Knorr
Kunsthalle Basel
Artists' Books
16 × 23 × 2 cm

On the occasion of his exhibition at Kunsthalle Basel, Daniel Knorr’s artist book Cudesch d’artist will be published in Rumantsch, one of the four official languages of Switzerland. Various objects and litter were picked up from the streets of Basel and Zurich as part of the project “kunstpassanten” during public street walks by Daniel Knorr and his collaborators and pressed flat between the pages of the book with an industrial 20-ton press. Each book contains a DVD with a documentation of the production process. This book is the fourth volume in the project, which currently includes versions in Romanian, Chinese and Gaelic.

Edition of 200. Signed, dated and numbered by artist.

  1. Carte de Artiste – Cudesch d’artist

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