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Re-Reading the Riot Act: Cycles One through Five by leannej

Publication Studio Vancouver
Artists' Books
12.5 × 18 × 0.5 cm

This book is an extension of a performance by leannej, originally presented at the Waldorf Hotel on the night of Vancouver’s 2011 Stanley Cup Riot. Five stories intertwine to present an account of protest and resistance on a personal, as well as historic scale. Co-published with UNIT/PITT Projects.

This publication is the first in the series Rereading the Riot Act, an ongoing interrogation of the historical events of April 23, 1935 in Vancouver. This series of actions and publications intend to provoke an emotional, politicized engagement with civic space and to question how or whether we want to narrate (back) to it.

  1. Re-Reading the Riot Act: Cycles One through Five by leannej

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