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  1. Sara MacKillop: Ex-Library Book
  2. Jorgen Michaelsen: AUTO: Selected Writings/Udvalgte skrifter, 1993-2005
  3. Werner von Delmont: Corporate Rokoko and The End of the Civic Project
  4. Jacob Fabricius: Yours Truly
  5. Laura Horelli: Interviews, Diaries and Reports
  6. Rent-a-Bench
  7. Joachim Koester: Message from Andrée
  8. Peter Land: Playground
  9. David Robbins: Concrete Comedy: An Alternative History of Twentieth-Century Comedy
  11. Art Calls
  12. Henrik Olesen: What is Authority?
  13. Henrik Plenge Jakobsen: J’accuse
  14. Tommy Stockel
  15. Sergej Jensen: Dogs