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14.8 × 21 × 1 cm

The Danish artist group Superflex has worked on a series of projects since 1993 related to economic forces, conditions for democratic production and self-organisation.

Superflex describes their projects as tools, as proposals that invite people to actively participate in the development of experimental models that alter the prevailing conditions for economic production. The projects are assisted by experts who bring in their respective special knowledge and interests as tools to be further utilized and modified by the end users.

The book documents the project FREE SHOP by Superflex. It includes interviews and texts with and by customers and participating shop owners. FREE SHOP takes place in an ordinary shop, anything purchased in the shop by any given customer, while FREE SHOP is performed, is free of charge. There are no signs or other means of information communicating that merchandise, goods, services, etc. in the shop are free of charge. A customer in the shop may not realize that merchandise, goods and/or services have been purchased for free until the counter clerk gives the customer the bill for the purchase, stating the amount of 0. Free shop takes place occasionally.

All forms of copying and reproduction is encouraged. A free digital version of the book is available from Superflex’s Freeshop



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