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Scapegoat issue 03: Realism

29 × 43 cm

The latest issue of Scapegoat: Architecture / Landscape / Political Economy extends and departs from the investigations of 02: Materialism, examining the histories, influences, and strategies of realism in architecture and landscape. Join contributors and members of the editorial board to celebrate the launch of Scapegoat 03: Realism, which exposes realist assumptions and fallacies, and persuasively defends the necessity of a new realist practice, while pointing to the impossibility of fixing realism as a conceptual method.

The issue contains reflections and projects on diverse themes, such as: Kazimir Malevich’s tenure in the town of Vitebsk; an interview with Krzysztof Wodiczko; a brief history of police kettling; the realism of Jia Zhangke’s films; photographic realism in the American desert; the temporality of riots; the antinomies of realism in Post-War Italian architecture, and many others.

Issue 03: Contributors

Pier Vittorio Aureli, Jesse Boon, Marcus Boon, Erik Bordeleau, Heather Davis, Elitza Dulguerova, Amy Kulper, Ute Lehrer, Michael Lin, Sergio López-Piñeiro, Mary Lou Lobsinger, Mahsa Majidian, Brendan Moran, Thomas Nail, Alessandra Ponte, Jason E. Smith, Scott Sorli, Rafi Segal and David Salazar, Zhu Tao, Krzysztof Wodiczko.

  1. Scapegoat issue 03: Realism

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