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Scapegoat Issue 9: Eros


An interview with Franco BERARDI, On Eros, Communication, Desire and Semiocapitalism

Peter LAMBORN WILSON, Eros and Thanatopia

Marcus BOON interviews Alphonso LINGIS, On The Bowerbird, The Difunta Correa and Some Architectures of Sense

Justin Abraham LINDS, Becoming Microbial

David K SEITZ, Review of Sex or the Unbearable

Eunsong KIM, Found, Found, Found: Lived, Lived, Lived

Cameron HU, And Impulse that Keeps Returning, A Conversation with Basel ABBAS and Ruanne Abou RAHME

Space-Espace-Escape: An Interview with Anne TROUTMAN

The Spatial Politics of Ultratranslation, A Conversation with Jen HOFER

ANTENA, Manifesto for Ultratranslation

Jacob WREN, A Spell for Togethering Can or Cannot be Written with Words

Adam SZYMANSKI, Immanent to Exclusion, A Review of Love in the Time of Civil War by Rodrigue JEAN

Interview with Laura BROADBENT, THe Body is My Mysterious Concept: Three Questions With Lisa Robertson

Sudhatri MURTHY, The Excavation, The Stair and The Bed

Alberto PEREZ-GOMEZ, Villa Mairea

Sherry WALCHUK, Desire in the RV-Pool

Alexis BHAGAT, Love Has Nested in Colette’s Apartment

Douglas KEARNEY, The Grunt

Maiko TANAKA, From Love Letters

Angela RAWLINGS, Five Meditations on Desire and Loss Near Glacial Moraines

Chrysanne STATHACOS, Delphi, The Womb of the Eurotic World

Valerie MANNAERTS, Artworks

Irmgaard EMMELHAINZ, Your Love is Only the Beginning of Love: An Experimental Multilogue

Maria COLLIER DE MENDONCA, Izabel AMARAL and Fabio MOSANER, #Occupy Estelita: Postcards from Recife, Brazil

Nathan FRIEDMAN, DIagram of the Amorous Search: Generating Desire with Guiraudie’s L’Inconnu du Lac

The Pleasure of Diving in Public Spaces: The Experimental Urban Swimming Laboratory

Alexis MITCHELL, Bunk Buddies, Sexing the Summer Camp

Robert PIETRUSKO, 812990: The Industrial Capacity of the Passions

Sardar SAADI, Review of New World Academy Reader #5: Stateless Democracy

  1. Scapegoat Journal, Issue 09 Eros

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