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Public 46: Prime Mover: On Collecting Media Art

19 × 24 × 1 cm

PUBLIC 46: Prime Mover is a selection of five essays corresponding to five hypothetical exhibitions of works from an influential private collection with which Eamon was professionally involved for more than ten years. The collection, one of the first in private hands to focus almost exclusively on time-based media, has been the subject of a number of graduate theses and museum catalogues, but this publication aims to bolster these efforts towards better understanding of a collection that has altered the field of media art. In a sense, these essays constitute a history of moving-image art starting from around 1900 that is meant to be a resource for students of film and video art, on the one hand, and for scholars investigating the history of collections on the other.

-Christopher Eamon

  1. Public 46: Prime Mover: On Collecting Media Art

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