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Benjamin Freedman
Ben Freedman
Unique Works

In November 2014, Ben Freedman began a two month residency in northern Iceland where he became interested in the countries unique topographic features. Its low mountains and fascinating geological specimens inspired this sci-fi series of photographs, meant to playfully illustrate a fictional story about a lunar phenomenon taking place in a sleepy little town. As a medium that boasts power and authority, photography remains a complex tool that inherently elicits the truth while simultaneously hinting at the possibility of fiction. These images, constructed using rocks found from the surrounding landscape, are playfully rearranged and photographed within the context of a scientifically ambiguous narrative.

Like images mined from forgotten archives, the photographs borrow reoccurring elements from space and forensic photography. Collectively, the work creates a mosaic that represents situations from a research project performed in a remote town. Weaving together photographs of possible lunar samples, scientific machinery and cosmic landscapes, the series forms an eclectic visual journal of a man and his relationship with the cosmos.

Framed photograph by Ben Freedman.
Edition of 10.


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