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Peter Sutherland
Shelter Press
Artists' Books
17.5 × 27 × 0.3 cm
28 pgs
Digital, Photography

Peter Sutherland lives and works in NY, USA. His films, photography, publications, and installations are intimate documents of his extensive travels, collages of encounters that form spontaneously interconnected narratives.

Travelling around the USA, Sutherland has photographed a variety of Americana imagery, from the East to the West coast. By overlaying and collaging his own photographic material, he makes associations with pop and cult imagery, opening up possibilities for interpretation. Printed onto perforated vinyl and glued onto standard plywood, or onto rocks bought by the artist at flea markets in Arizona.

Recent solo exhibitions include Whitecube (London, One Bar of Service, Stillhouse Gallery (Brooklyn); Extreme Terrain (with Andrew Sutherland), Bill Brady KC Gallery (Kansas City); and Victory Over Darkness, Half Gallery (NYC). He frequently collaborates with his brother, Andrew Sutherland, and with the Brooklyn-based collective, Still House Group

Colour (digital), saddle stitched.

  1. Flames

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