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Public Journal
18.8 × 23.7 × 1.2 cm
216 pp
Indigenous Art, Contemporary Art, Essays, Periodical

Winter 2016

Editors: Heather Igloliorte, Julie Nagam, Carla Taunton

INDIGENOUS ART: NEW MEDIA AND THE DIGITAL convenes leading scholars, curators, and artists from the Indigenous territories in Canada, the United States of America, Australia, and Aotearoa (New Zealand). It brings forth urgent conversations about resistance to colonial modernism, and highlights the historic and ongoing use of technology by Indigenous communities and artists as vehicles of resilience and cultural continuity. This issue ignites productive dialogue around the definitions of new and digital media art and practice-based work within the framework of Indigenous art and theory. While showcasing Indigenous artists’ work, it also probes the significant ways that this work contributes to—yet also intervenes on—the fields of art history, visual, cultural and media studies. PUBLIC 54 contributors investigate contemporary Indigenous digital and new media art’s relationships with sovereignty, self-determination, and nationhood. Altogether, the diverse articles, artworks, and dialogues illustrate the ways that Indigenous new media art can dynamically activate and embody Indigenous epistemologies, cosmologies, and methodologies.


Introduction | Heather Igloliorte, Julie Nagam, Carla Taunton

Pou Rewa, the Liquid Post, Māori Go Digital? | Maree Mills

Re:lating Necessity and Invention | Cheryl L’Hirondelle

A Brief (Media) History of the Indigenous Future | Jason Edward Lewis

Artwork | Skawennati

LEFT_CHANNEL | Geronimo Inutiq

Aesthetics, Violence, and Indigeneity | Jolene Rickard

Coming of Age under Colonialism | Wahe Kavara

Reverse Notions, Darkness and Light | Megan Tamati-Quennell + Lisa Reihana

Deciphering the Refusal of the Digital and Binary Codes of Sovereignty/Self-Determination and Civilized/Savage | Julie Nagam

Skull Stories | Jordan Bennett

For this Land: Chiefswood | Jackson 2bears + Janet Rogers

Arctic Cultural (Mis)Representation: Advocacy, Activism, and Artistic Expression through Social Media | Erin Yunes

Tilllutarniit: History, Land, and Resilience in Inuit Film and Video | Heather Igloliorte

The Phone Booth Project | Jennifer Biddle, Lily Hibberd + Curtis Taylor

On Indigenous Digit-al Media and Augmented Realities in Will Wilson’s eyeDazzler: Trans-customary Portal to Another Dimension | Laura E. Smith

Animation Stills | Amanda Strong

Nga Whatu-ora: We the Living Are the Seeing Eyes of Our Sleeping Ancestors | Natalie Robertson

Bodies that Matter | Léuli Eshraghi, Angela Tiatia + Jasmine Te Hira

blueberry pie under a martian sky | Scott Benesiinaabandan

In Dialogue: Scott Benesiinaabandan’s waabana’iwewin | Jaimie Isaac

Artwork | Bracken Hanuse Corlett

Games as Enduring Presence | Elizabeth LaPensée

Digital Games Stills | Pinnguaq

Exhibition and Book Reviews by: Teresa Carlesimo | Michael DiRisio | Eli Horwatt | Cody Lang | Maria Katharina Schmidt | Claudia Sicondolfo | Angela Walcott

Softcover, perfect-bound, b&w and colour.

  1. Public 54

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