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How Do I Look?

Sennah Yee
Metatron Press
Artists' Books
12 × 16.5 × 0.5 cm
84 pp

It is beautiful because it has nothing to do with you.

Through a series of short vignettes, Sennah Yee’s debut full-length book How Do I Look? paints a colourful portrait of a woman both raised and repelled by the media. With pithy, razor-sharp prose, Sennah dissects and reassembles pop culture through personal anecdotes, crafting a love-hate letter to the media and the microaggressions that have shaped how she sees herself and the world. How Do I Look? is a raw and vulnerable reflection on identities real and imagined.

Sennah Yee was born in 1992 in Toronto, Canada. She writes poetry, writes about films, and writes poetry about films. Her two chapbooks about mopey couples, THE AQUARIUM and THE GL.A.DE, are at Dancing Girl Press. She is the Arts Editor at Shameless, a magazine for young women and trans youth, and Co-Editor and Contributor to The Fuck of the Century, a web-based pop culture journal. She is also a PhD student in Cinema & Media Studies at York University, focusing her research on gender dynamics in female robots.

Cover art by Christine Shan Shan Hou

Softcover, perfect-bound, b/w
First edition, second printing

  1. How Do I Look?

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