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Counter-Signals 3

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16.5 × 23.4 cm
256 pp

Counter-Signals is a periodically produced journal addressing, in variable iterations, convergent aspects of design, media, and politics.

Counter-Signals #3: (All the Way) Down With Platforms jumps off from contemporary theorizations of “platform capitalism” to consider a collection of projects and discourses engaged with a broadly defined array of framing and support structures, whether material, institutional, or conceptual.

Counter-Signals #3 includes contributions from Brian Ang, Danielle Aubert, Hannah Bruckmüller, Experimental Jetset, Tom Fisher, Dominique Hurth, John Komurki, Nicole Marroquin, Leah Pires, Library Stack, Simon Sadler, Heath Schultz, Andrew Shurtz, Nicholas Thoburn, McKenzie Wark, and Michelle Weinroth.

Softcover, perfect-bound, b/w
Edition of 500

  1. Counter-Signals 3

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