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Mark Dion: Theatre of the Natural World

Whitechapel Gallery
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This publication focuses on five major works by the American conceptual artist Mark Dion (born 1961).

The five installations documented here incorporate diverse subjects: a scholar’s study invites us to unravel intricate drawings and models; a curator’s office displays the strange magic of obsolete things; the muddy banks of the Thames have also yielded their treasures for poetic display in a gigantic cabinet; while a Dickensian Curiosity Shop tempts us with the bizarre aura of American bric-a-brac. Each immersive environment is also a habitat, evoking the characters that observe, conserve or exploit the natural world.

Includes texts by Iwona Blazwick, Marion Endt-Jones, Chelsea Kinchin-Smith, Petra Lange-Berndt, Ben Luke, Magnus af Petersens, Candy Stobbs, Gilda Williams and features a short story by Andrea Barrett.

Hardcover, perfect-bound, colour.

  1. Mark Dion

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