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Five Minutes In Karachi

Misbah Ahmed
Old Growth Press
Artists' Books
14 × 22 cm

Five Minutes in Karachi is inspired by Misbah Ahmed’s observations visiting Pakistan, the place where she was born.

Misbah Ahmed (she/her) is a Toronto based illustrator and designer. Her creative process and methodologies use a hybrid of analogue and digital work. She is best known for her self published zines. Her work explores duality, shifting cultural landscapes and the day-to-day human experience.

Published by Old Growth Press in Toronto, Canada. Printed at Red Hot Printing on 100% recycled paper. Covers printed at OCAD on a Vandercook Letterpress.

Edition of 100. First Edition May 2019.

Softcover, saddle stitched with embroidery thread, colour

  1. five minutes

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