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Unlearning Exercises, Art Organizations As Sites For Unlearning

17 × 22 × 0.8 cm
231 pp
Arts Writing, Institutional Critique, Social Practice

Learning is the accumulation of knowledge, skills, and behaviour and is often progress-oriented and institutionally driven. In contrast, unlearning is directed towards embodied forms of knowledge and the (un)conscious operation of ways of thinking and doing. ‘Unlearning Excercises’ shares a set of exercises as propositions to be useful for and adapted within other specific (institutional) contexts in and beyond the arts. These exercises range from daily practices like ‘Cleaning Together,’ to unresolvable issues of collective authorship and fair wage. They also offer insights into the lively and long-term collective unlearning process.

Editors: Binna Choi, Annette Krauss, Yolande van der Heide, Liz Allan.

Contributors: Liz Allan, Yollotl Alvarado, Antariksa, Jacob Apostol, Binna Choi, Joy Melanie Escano, Andres Garcia, Brigitta Isabella, Faisol Iskandar, Ismiatun, Nancy Jouwe, Annette Krauss, Emily Pethick, Andrea Phillips, Ying Que, Kerstin Stakemeier, Sakiko Sugawa, Syafiatudina, Ferdiansyah Thajib, Marina Vishmidt, Yolande van der Heide, Erminah Zaenah, and the shifting team at Casco Art Insitute.

Graphic Design Rosie Eveleigh

Soft cover, perfect-bound, b/w.

  1. unlearning cover
  2. unlearning interior 1
  3. unlearning interior 2

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