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Smutburger Editions Vol 1: The Sun by Christine Davis / The Original Gentleman by Cason Sharpe

Christine Davis and Cason Sharpe
11 × 17 cm
44 pp

Smutburger Editions publishes experimental smut. Provocative and innovative, this series of short works breaks new ground in contemporary erotica, featuring a celebrity artist centerfold.

These works explore all sexualities and manifestations of desire. Our volumes resist convention and surprise readers; making you think and want to read with one hand all at the same time. Modelled after The Traveller’s Companion series—short pornography penned by artists and writers for Maurice Girodias’ legendary Olympia Press that flourished in the 1960s— Smutburger Editions subverts contemporary expectations
of erotica to focus on queer and feminist iterations of desire.

Smutburger Volume 1 features Ariana Reines, Cason Sharpe and Christine Davis, moving from a hot poet in the attic to gay ‘stranger danger’ to a factory foot fetish.

The Sun – Christine Davis
A man schedules a hookup with an artist at her studio, but when he arrives, the space is cosmically beyond him.

The Original Gentleman – Cason Sharpe
A male-presenting A.I. must prove his sex programming after having escaped from the lab that birthed him.

Edited by writers Courtney Toderash and Tamara Faith Berger, Smutburger Editions grew out of an unconventional, Town Hall style literary speaking series which started in Toronto in early 2020 focusing on books and sex. These intimate gatherings continue today, albeit virtually. Smutburger Editions is meant to inspire excitement and engagement long after the live communion is over.

  1. Smutburger Editions, Vol 1

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