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Edition et 2 (Andersen, Lichtenstein, Rot, Vostell, etc)

Wolf Vostell, Roy Lichtenstein, Eric Andersen, and Dieter Roth
23 × 23 × 1.5 cm

This publication is a box folder of off-set printed cards, some are two-sided while others fold out further. Artists included are; Eric Anderson, Ludwig Gosewitz, Jurgen Graff, Hein Gravenhorst, Gunter Gunschel, Bernhard Hoke, Rainer Kallhardt, Jiri Kolar, Arnulf Letto, Roy Lichtenstein, Wolfgang Ludwig, Bernhard Luthi, Franz Mon, Heinz Nickel, Nam June Paik, Sara Quand, Peter Roehr, Diter Rot, Gerhard Ruhm, Hans R. Schlapfer, Wolfgang Schmidt, Schmidt-Rhen and Wolf Vostell.

  1. Edition et 2 (Andersen, Lichtenstein, Rot, Vostell, etc)

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