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Blau: 3 Short Stories

Hans-Peter Feldmann
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König
Artists' Books
14.8 × 21.3 × 0.1 cm

This small booklet of writing presents three short stories by the well-known photographer and collector Hans-Peter Feldmann. The three stories in this book are “The Cigars”, “The Photos” and “Dieter”, all revolving around the character of Blau. Each of these stories relates a slight, almost inconsequential event in Blau’s life, which triggers a realization or a memory; a couple of old men smoking cigars, a photographic composition that never worked out, and the chance meeting of an old acquaintance. Hans-Peter Feldmann is known for his appropriated photographs which he rescues by isolating the images or presenting them in themed groups. He is generally preoccupied with pastiche, and the organization of the existent into recognizable genres and subjects.

  1. Blau: 3 Short Stories

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