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Geoffrey Farmer
National Gallery of Canada
15 × 18.6 cm

This thematically based publication focuses on works by Vancouver-based artists Gareth Moore, Geoffrey Farmer, Myfawny MacLeod, Hadley & Maxwell, and Althea Thauberger whose practices manifest different interpretations of nomadism – or a way of life that takes place in a non-structured environment where movement plays an important role. At times it is the artists’ practice that is nomadic: they travel specifically to gather materials and document interventions made along the way. In other cases the objects themselves are nomadic, becoming staged sets or kits that adapt to their specific context of display. In further instances the works are event-based, favouring interaction and collaboration with a particular community. The artists in Nomads shift our expectations of the art object and question notions of authorship, authenticity and museum display.

With an essay by Josee Drouin-Brisebois.

  1. Nomads

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