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Omar the Beggar, The Panhandler’s Handbook

Kunstverein Publishing
Artists' Books
10.5 × 17.5 × 1.5 cm

This publication is a reprint of the original The Pandhandler’s Handbook which was published by Kensington Publishing Cooperation in 1977.

Omar Rockford, founder of Omar’s School for Beggars, teaches out-of-work men and women how to creatively panhandle for a living. Successful, high-income begging on the streets requires imaginative deception. Omar demonstrates hundreds of foolproof methods in this handbook. You’ve got to have a glib tongue, a sense of urgency and a believable story – also proper dress and courtesy are a must. The first few weeks can be rough, since one isn’t easily adjusted to the embarrassment of being turned down. It takes about a month to become a real pro and practice does make perfect. With this practical guide, you’ll never need to work a real job again.

  1. Omar the Beggar, The Panhandler’s Handbook

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