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Heather and Ivan Morison by Open Satellite Publications

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18 × 22.5 × 1 cm

The second in Open Satellite’s new publication series documents “Frost King,” an original installation by Heather and Ivan Morison, curated by Eric Fredericksen at Open Satellite in Spring, 2010. This full-color catalog includes new fiction by Heather Morison, a photographic essay by Open Satellite director Yoko Ott, an essay by Eric Fredericksen, and an interview with the Morisons by Jen Graves, art critic at the weekly newspaper, The Stranger. The catalog is available from Open Satellite in a limited edition with an original frottage by the Morisons bound into the catalog (edition of 100, available here) or in a plain edition from Publication Studio.

  1. Heather and Ivan Morison by Open Satellite Publications

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