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Artists for Artists 50 Years of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts

Foundation for Contemporary Arts
Artists' Books
23 × 28.5 × 2.5 cm

Edited by Eric Banks. Foreword by Stacy Tenenbaum Stark. Text by Nancy Dalva, Eva Diaz, Rebecca Y. Kim, Irving Sandler, Marshall McLuhan, Buckminster Fuller. Interviews by Stacy Tenenbaum Stark.

In 1962, Jasper Johns, John Cage, Robert Rauschenberg and other artists came together to help Merce Cunningham finance a proposed season on Broadway by organizing a sale of their artworks. Their success led to the formation of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts—now among the most celebrated of grant-giving organizations—and a radical new way for artists to support other artists through the sale of their work. Artists for Artists celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the Foundation, tracing its vital role in supporting artists and sponsoring some of the signal performance events of the last half-century. This beautifully designed book includes a full event history, profiles of key artist–beneficiaries, the original texts of the Foundation-sponsored Six Lectures series of 1966 (most never before published) and an oral history including the Foundation’s co-founder, Jasper Johns.

  1. Artists for Artists

50 Years of the Foundation for Contemporary

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