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Cabinet 48: Trees Winter 2012/13

20 × 25 × 1 cm


Colors / Rose

Lisa Robertson

A carnal becoming

Legend / Stockholm Syndrome Sonnet

Wayne Koestenbaum

Twin speak

Ingestion / The Psychorheology of Everyday Life

Anthony Acciavatti

Machines for measuring food texture

Leftovers / The Incorruptibles

Jeffrey Kastner

Tales from the crypts


Seashell Sound

Stefan Helmreich

Echoing ocean, vibrating air, brute blood

Aquarius in Question

William Firebrace

Heinz Sellner, Philippe Tailliez, and the dream of the deep

Black Glass

D. Graham Burnett

Eye, phone

Shaved Heads, Snipped Tubes, Imperial Marines, and Dope Fiends

George Pendle

The fall and rise and fall of Chuck Dederich and Synanon

Jubrique ? Cabinet

Jonathan Allen

The love affair continues


Into the Woods

Dan Handel

Dietrich Brandis and the birth of modern forestry

Artist Project / A Dark Forest

John Stoney

Strategic Arborealism

Jonathan Allen

Hidden in plain sight

Giving Back

Yara Flores

Ask not what the tree can do for you

The Living Lighthouse

Janet Connelly

The loneliest tree

Up a Tree

Joel Smith

A bunch of nuts

Trees of New York

Benjamin Swett

Deeply rooted

Old Growth

James Trainor

The lost landscape of James Pierce’s Pratt Farm

Dream House

Paul Maliszewski

The maple at Matibo, or, the maple at Ratibor


Bookmark / The Money Tree (Core Sample)

Postcard / The Charm of the Bourgeois Tree

  1. Cabinet 48: Trees Winter 2012/13

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