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Saying It

Mieke Bal, Renate Ferro, and Michelle Gamaker
Occasional Papers
Artists' Books
15 × 20 × 0.8 cm

This book accompanies Saying It, an exhibition by artists Mieke Bal & Michelle Williams Gamaker and Renate Ferro at the Freud Museum, London, curated by Joanne Morra. Besides images, and descriptions of the works in the exhibition written by the artists themselves, the book contains new essays by Cathy Caruth, Marjorie Garber, Miguel Á. Hernández-Navarro, Ranjana Khanna and Joanne Morra, as well as a foreword by Carol Seigel, Director of the Freud Museum.Together, the artists’ words and those of the other authors underscore the significance of Saying It as what Morra terms a ‘site-responsive’ exhibition: not only do Bal & Williams Gamaker and Ferro shed light on key concepts of psychoanalysis (psychosis, transference, screen memories), but they reveal new layers of narrative and meaning enfolded in the site where their work is displayed, namely the former home of Anna and Sigmund Freud, now a world-renowned museum and archive.

  1. Saying It

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