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Genesis P-Orridge: G.P.O. versus G.P-OA Chronicle of Mail Art on Trial

Genesis P-Orridge
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20.5 × 27 × 0.3 cm

Edited by by Genesis P-Orridge, COUM.

G.P.O. versus G.P-O: A Chronicle of Mail Art on Trial gathers a collection of materials from the archives of the legendary artist and musician Genesis P-Orridge (born 1950) relating to a unique legal battle: Great Britain’s General Post Office’s 1975 case against P-Orridge for disseminating pornographic postcards through the mail. These postcards collaged imagery from hardcore pornographic magazines onto pictures of Queen Elizabeth II. When the Post Office launched their case against P-Orridge, he seized the opportunity to turn the case into another performance, disseminating further mail art (including invitations to the trial) and recruiting the support of the international mail-art community. The case was ultimately dismissed. A reprint of Ecart Publications’ 1976 edition, G.P.O. versus G.P-O collects ephemera, legal documents, correspondence and articles about the case and P-Orridge’s mail art practice with Cosi Fanni Tutti as COUM Transmissions.

  1. Genesis P-Orridge: G.P.O. versus G.P-O

A Chronicle of Mail Art

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