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Konnte Sein

Katja Stuke
Kodoji Press
Artists' Books
29 × 22 × 1.5 cm

Katja Stuke films people on the street, mainly from behind or in the act of rushing past — absorbed in thoughts they are captured on film. The looks of the portrayed, however, reveal a peculiar moment of concentration just as if they were aware of the possibility to encounter others and to escape urban isolation. The majority of the portrayed, whose specific looks, gestures and postures Katja Stuke carefully chose, are modern self-conscious women who simultaneously reflect a fugitive moment of pride. In her book, “Könnte sein”, Stuke arranges a selection of these real moments next to scenes from films and video games. The combination of real and fictional screenshots blurs not only the boundaries between reality and fiction but also the distinction between photography and film. The screen-like structure of the binding takes the film-photography relation further. The prominent bar code on the cover recalls the central theme of the 96-page book: categorization and surveillance.

The sometimes surprising, sometimes complementary arrangement of the approximately 80 colour photographs is accompanied by a collection of writings by Katja Stuke herself and by a text by German film director and author Christoph Hochhäusler.

Texts in German and English. Edition of 500, signed.


  1. Konnte Sein

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