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Shawn Kuruneru - Women

Shawn Kuruneru
Artists' Books
12.5 × 20.3 × 0.5 cm

Bsviv is pleased to announce the upcoming release of BSV005, a 38 page book featuring illustrations and paintings by emerging Canadian artist Shawn Kuruneru. The book, entitled “Women”, is a full color perfect bound release in an edition of 300.

Shawn Kuruneru has exhibited at the Drawing Center (New York), Ribordy Contemporary (Geneve), Night Gallery (Los Angeles) and Battat Contemporary (Montreal). His drawings were a recent acquisition of the Montreal Contemporary Art Museum.

BSVIV is a new publishing company based in Montreal, Canada dedicated to printing exceptional quality books with a focus on innovative visual sensibilities, DIY energy and creative freedom.

Edition of 300

  1. Shawn Kuruneru - Women

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