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Key and Kitchen: the Essentials of a Post-Graduate Design Education

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22 × 29.7 × 1 cm

A photograph taken in 1998 shows walls of the Werkplaats Typografie painted white and entirely clean except for the odd graphic interjection such as an isolated poster or a series of black elastic bands hung on hooks. Twelve years later, the same surfaces are dens with marks, both accidental and deliberate. Inscriptions made at the outset have been absorbed or obliterated by subsequent accretions. Concentrating on details, this series of photographs raise questions about the provenance of particular stains. Each one tells a story. The phrase is ‘if these walls had ears’, but in the case of the WT, the generation of students have given their walls a graphic voice.

  1. Key and Kitchen: the Essentials of a Post-Graduate Design Educat

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