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The Sensible Stage: Staging and the Moving Image

Picture This
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16.5 × 23.5 × 2 cm

Edited by Bridget Crone.

The Sensible Stage: Staging and the Moving Image is collection of newly commissioned texts that explore the moving image in relation to performance, time and the event.*

Edited by Bridget Crone, the book provides a series of individual proposals and speculations on the intersections of what might be termed ‘live-ness’ in moving image and performance art practices today. Unfolding around the concept of ‘staging’, The Sensible Stage: Staging and the Moving Image discusses the use of performance and theatre strategies in contemporary art as a means to question the boundaries of stage and screen.

Published by Picture This, The Sensible Stage: Staging the Moving Image contains a mixture of discursive, theoretical and creative texts, including monographs on the work of Yael Davids, Clare Gasson, Jimmy Robert, and Cara Tolmie, and a new text-piece by Beatrice Gibson. The book also contains new essays by Vanessa Desclaux, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Dominic Andrew Paterson, Lucy Reynolds, and Ian White plus a conversation between Alain Badiou and Elie During on theatre.*

  1. The Sensible Stage: Staging and the Moving Image

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