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GRR59: Hair

Ingo Giezendanner
Artists' Books
18 × 26.5 × 0.3 cm

Artist book. Softcover, saddle stitched, b/w and colour illustrations.

Artist zine by artist Ingo Giezendanner.

Since 1998, Ingo Giezendanner, alias GRRRR, has been documenting the urban spaces in which he has travelled and lived. Apart from his native city of Zurich, his travels have taken him to diverse cities from New York and New Orleans to Cairo, Nairobi, Karachi and Colombo. Everywhere he travels, he captures his surroundings on location with pen on paper. His drawings have been presented in numerous magazines, books and animated films as well as in spacious installations and wallpaintings.

  1. GRR59: Hair

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