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NDP #4

North Drive Press
Artists' Books
Essays, Interview, Contemporary Art, Conversations

North Drive Press is an annual art publication started in 2003. Each non-thematic issue contains interviews, texts, and multiples produced especially for NDP.

Issue 4 features interviews with:

Becca Albee & Kathleen Hanna
Fia Backström & Wade Guyton
Jennifer Bornstein & Jonathan Horowitz
Sarah Charlesworth & Sara VanDerBeek
Ken Gonzales-Day & Edgar Arcenaux
Alice Könitz & Michael Ned Holte
Eileen Quinlan & Liz Deschenes
Frances Stark & Amy Yao
Erika Vogt & Nancy de Holl
Matias Faldbakken
Kristina Kite
Andrew Lampert
Rose Oluronke Ojo
Kevin Zucker

And features multiples by:

Tobias Bernstrup
Laurel Broughton
Xavier Cha
Zoe Crosher
André Ethier
Daniel Gordon
Corin Hewitt
Vlatka Horvat
Mark Klassen
Justin Lowe with Saleem Dhamee
Dane Mitchell
Jesse Reed
Alex Robbins
Jani Ruscica
Sara VanDerBeek
Amy Yao

Limited edition of 1000.

  1. NDP #4

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