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Love and Forgiveness

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In the 1990s, “Joe Hale” (artist Joey Haley) drew and self-published two volumes of comics while living in Montreal. Some of these appeared in Vice Magazine and regularly in Fish Piss (edited by Louis Rastelli), where he picked up a small but devoted following. Disturbing in nature, these works often satirize the autobiographical position taken by many cartoonists of the day. But there was more to it than that: these short stories transcend their small “DIY” format, reading like classic morality tales gone wrong. Hale now works primarily as a drawer and painter, exhibiting internationally, and these stories show the roots of his dark humour and remain as intense and sublime as when they were first created.

Edited by Marc Bell.
60 pp
22 × 29.8 x .4 cm
.16 kg
Perfect Bound
English Text
Black & white, and color imagery.

  1. joe hale

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