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A Practical Guide to Unconscious Reasoning

Marcus Coates
Book Works
Artists' Books
5 × 7 in
320 pages

Marcus Coates likes to photograph his subjects draped in animal furs — wild and shamanistic, yes, but as his recent Frieze profile perceptively recognized, Coates’ real subjects are not the outdoors and the unknown but interiority and introspection… the true locus of ‘nature’ in the modern world [is] in the withered memory of something wild and ancient, buried deep within ourselves.” Adopting the format of an instruction manual, Coates’ new book presents a step-by-step guide to accessing and exercising our primitive reasoning. Based on a combination of practical maneuvers and “journeys,” the book’s aim is to provide an in-depth guide to a form of practical problem-solving outside the rational. Coates’ interpretations of shamanic practice are not traditionally spiritual, but based on his own experience, and draw from a course — The School of the Imagination (co-produced by Nomad) — he taught at CREATE, London. This is the sixth book in Book Works Co-Series.

  1. A Practical Guide to Unconscious Reasoning

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