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Cîroc Boyz: vol 1

Dean Blunt
Artists' Books
13 × 21 cm
60 pages

Cîroc Boyz : vol 1 is a collection of nightclub VIP bottle service receipts. Cîroc is the name of a vodka brand prepared in France, made from grapes, five times distilled. The brand is promoted by P Diddy, making it a symbol of luxury. Cîroc vodka was introduced to the Ultra Premium Vodka category by Diageo. Five years later Diageo and Sean “P Diddy” Combs formed a strategic alliance. As in previous endeavours, Diddy turned to a marketing agency to help create a promotion strategy that would embed the brand in the Urban consumer’s lifestyle. Just as the Cîroc brand is synonymous with quality and success, the same trait holds true and is the cornerstone and the hallmark of each individual selected to be a Cîroc Boy.

Dean Blunt lives and works in London and Harlem.
Softcover. Edition of 500.

  1. ciroc boyz

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