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The Benefit of Friends Collected: Volume 2

Artists' Books
7.3 × 10.3 in
200 pages
Essays, Reviews

With writing and work by Kelly Akashi, Animal Charm, David Berezin, Simon Bill, Sergio Bromberg, Kathrin Burmester, John Burtle, Jedediah Caesar, Joshua Callaghan, Anthony Carfello, Rachel Foullon, Joey Frank, Liz Glynn, Patrick Goddard, Patrick Hill, John Houck, Bettina Hubby, Jamie Isenstein, Vishal Jugdeo, Stanya Kahn, William Kaminski, Nicholas Kersulis, Alice Könitz, Jason Kunke, Gabriel Kuri, Lisa Lapinski, Caitlin Lonegan, Marie Lorenz, Molly Lowe, Brian Mann, Emily Mast, Nicole Miller, Joshua Nathanson, Jed Ochmanek, Virginia Poundstone, Sarah Rara, Elise Rasmussen, Isaac Resnikoff, Matt Rich, Amanda Ross-Ho, Miljohn Ruperto, Asha Schechter, Alex Slade, Jill Spector, Clarissa Tossin.

Edited by Jesse Benson and Shana Lutker.
B&W interior, with images.
First edition, 2015.

  1. the benefit of friends collected

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