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The Irresponsible Magician : Essays & Fiction

Rebekah Rutkoff
Artists' Books

Moving freely between fact and fiction, utilizing imaginary interviews, accidental stories, and critical essays, The Irresponsible Magician approaches psychoanalysis and celebrity on a first-name basis. Navigating the image worlds of painting, cable TV, video, avant-garde film, or her own photographs, Rutkoff writes about cultural figures as diverse as Oprah Winfrey, Michel Auder, the Kennedy women, Gregory Markopulos, and H.D. and interprets protagonists as if they were figures in a dream.

Rebekah Rutkoff is a New York-based artist and writer. She writes frequently about avant-garde film and is the editor of a forthcoming volume about the filmmaker Robert Beavers for the Austrian Film Museum.

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