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Contemporary Glacial Theory

Erin Whittier
Erin Whittier, Toronto
Artists' Books
7.3 × 9.5 inches
160 pages
Performance Art, Fiction, Photography

Focusing on the effects of the last Ice Age on the the Canadian landscape, this book attempts to translate the beingness of the environment and the intelligence of geologic material into human time. Spread across the book in 7 parts is a short story retelling the love between the Canadian Shield bedrock formation and the Laurentide Ice Sheet from the last Ice Age, a romance lasting 100 000 years. Throughout the book there are also documented “Glacial Actions” performances by Whittier, where she attempts to become an ice sheet, hoping to access understanding of deep time, but instead, finds the futility in trying to achieve sublime landmass status as a small human, insignificant to time. The rest of the book consists of images recording the traces left behind by the Ice Sheet, and other geologic time scars.

Softcover, perfect-bound, edition of 100.
Printed by Swimmers Group, Toronto.

  1. contemporary glacial theory

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