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Rita McKeough Monograph Boxset

Rita McKeough
Truck Gallery
37 × 37 × 5 cm
Performance Art

This critical monograph documents Rita McKeough’s collaborative artistic process and pedagogy from the late 1970s on; her interactions with visual and media arts communities in Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary, particularly alternative music and performance scenes; and the audio, installation and performance work that is her ongoing contribution to the contemporary Canadian art community.

EDITOR: Diana Sherlock

AUTHORS: Anthea Black, Eli D. Campanaro, Elizabeth Diggon, Johanna Householder, Areum Kim, Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Deidre Logue, Jude Major, Rita McKeough, Jeanne Randolph, Mary Scott

PUBLISHERS: EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society, M:ST Performative Art Festival, TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary

Includes vinyl record with five audio works from installations and performances—Shiver (1995), Opponent and My Heart Beats too Fast from In bocca al lupo/ In the Mouth of the Wolf (1991), Lament from Dancing on a Plate (1991), Veins(2016) and one new composition, Ashes (2017).

A limited number of the publications include an artist multiple by Rita McKeough that references The Lion’s Share (2012), an exhibition which incorporated kinetics, performance, and sound, and used a humorous and dream-like scenario to raise questions about the complexities of our relationship to eating animals.

  1. Rita McKeough 3

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