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Joy Walker Limited edition T-Shirt

Rodman Hall Art Centre

Toronto-based artist Joy Walker employs a range of media and methods to explore line, geometry, pattern, and texture. Often beginning with a set of formal structures into which she introduces the element of chance as a creative tool, her practice is characterized by a series of small, simple actions that yield quietly monumental results.

Walker has partnered with Rodman Hall to create our 2015 artist multiple. Walker has developed a unique t-shirt design that is based on a striking graphic reminiscent of her tape drawings featured in her 2013 exhibition at Rodman Hall called Fade to Black. Walker is interested in creating patterns and imposing order through systems of repetition and, at the same time, in embracing chance by presenting moments of accidental wonder.

White cotton American Apparel tee-shirt.
Available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large.
Online customers please specify size at check-out.

  1. Joy Walker T-Shirt

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