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Mermaid Bra Limited Edition Tee

Amy Wong

Amy Wong x Algae Miami.

A riff on the ideals of divine beauty, the seashell bras of pop culture, and those bikini bod t-shirts. My paintings often explore the notion of costume as a means for self-definition, for asserting one’s identity. Oil painting is really no more than dressing up a canvas. And conversely, dressing oneself is a form of self-expression. I would like for this t-shirt to be unisex and to fit the wearer loosely. I want my clothes to empower the wearer – make them feel fabulous. Identity is a construction so why not be your own mythology!

Unisex. White. 100% viscose micro-bamboo.

Handmade in Miami.

Available in XS, S, M, L. Please specify preference.

  1. Mermaid Bra

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