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Drawings on Yellow Paper

Katie Lyle
Jacquelyn Ross
Blank Cheque Press
Artists' Books
5.3 × 7.5 × 0.3 in
148 pp
Creative Writing , Drawing

Drawings by Katie Lyle & Words by Jacquelyn Ross

“Now you’ve attached a folder of drawings—doodles you’re making on yellow copy paper—and the choreography transforms into a wavering line, brazen and strange, brave and uninvited. Are these the open-book thoughts of a woman contained? Drawings of cats, hats and body parts; horses, muscles, breasts and bugs…”

Inspired by the drawings of Toronto artist Katie Lyle, this book features Lyle’s works alongside new writing by Jacquelyn Ross. Channelling dreams, teevee, teenage romance and the absurd, Drawings on Yellow Paper reflects on the relationship between drawing and writing (a conversation between friends).

Printed and bound at Publication Studio Vancouver

Softcover, perfect-bound with letterpress cover,

Edition of 125

September 2016

ISBN 978-1-927385-39-5

  1. Drawings on Yellow Paper

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