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Feast In The East Cookbook

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15 × 22.5 × 2 cm
90 pp

To celebrate 5 years of monthly east end food, music & art, installation series Feast In The East has released a cookbook. The book features 40 original recipes by chefs who have cooked for the series over the past 5 years. An original image by an artist who has installed work at Feast accompanies each recipe. The cookbook also comes with a 2-cassette tape compilation featuring unreleased tracks by over 40 bands from Toronto & beyond.

The Feast In The East Cookbook includes recipes for many meals served at the music series, such as Post Modern Dumplings, Raw Sunflower Seed Tacos, Muffuletta Sandwiches, Kale-ye West Salad, Roasted Asparagus Soft Serve, and Southwest Baked Potatoes with Slow Cooked Beans, Fresh Salsa and Smoked Coconut, not to mention a number of new recipes by Feast In The East chefs.

Visuals for these recipes have been provided by a plethora of artists from varying backgrounds working in various mediums. Some artists who grace the pages of this cookbook include, Alicia Nauta, Matt King & Petrina Ng, Melissa Fisher-Rozenberg, Joele Walinga, Rea McNamara, Emily Gove, Julia Dickens, Mary Tremonte, Eunice Luk, Ted Gudlat, Vanessa Rieger and Amelia Ehrhardt.

The compilation tapes feature music by all of the bands that performed at our 5 year anniversary as well as Doomsquad, Eric Chenaux, Eucalyptus, Fiver, Hooded Fang, Isla Craig, New Fries, Phedre, Picastro, Soupcans, Steve Kado, Tenderness, The Acorn, Zones and many more.

Edited by Tad Michalak, Katie Jensen, and Keith McManamen

Cover artwork by Tad Michalak
Layout and design by Keith McManamen

Paperback with inset card tape storage, perfect-bound, colour

Features 2 cassettes with a digital download code.

  1. Feast In The East Cookbook

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