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the end of may

Lauren Chipeur, April Martin, Lara Schoorl, and Zoë Wonfor
Untitled Arts Society
Artists' Books
13 × 21 × 0.9 cm
104 pp
Contemporary Art, Photography, Text-Based Practice

Collaboratively written by Lauren Chipeur, April Martin and Lara Schoorl and Zoë Wonfor, this book of poetry came out of two collaborative exhibitions: “pleasure at a close distance” in Chicago and “staring at the sun with your eyes closed” in Calgary.

The book comprises correspondences, quotes, notes, and photographs. It is a multiplicitous notebook which asks and invokes questions about authorship, collaboration, coincidence, definitions and friendship.

Softcover, perfect-bound, colour

Edition of 50

September 2016

  1. the end of may

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