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Atmospheric Mediations.: Before Present (338 U-710 U)

Laura F. Gibellini
SLOWTRACK + Publication Studio Hudson
Artists' Books
92 pp

Atmospheric Meditations. Before Present (338 U-710 U) gathers a series of drawings developed in the course of two years in which Spanish-born artist Laura F. Gibellini reflects upon the possibilities of rendering the atmospheric conditions of a given site visible.

“The images generated by these fleeting landscapes, these landscapes in flux, resist any understanding of their most basic nature: however, this difficulty has only strengthened Laura F. Gibellini’s resolve to unpick them carefully, over the course of the last few years. There is also something fundamental, essential about the materials she uses: a humble palette, a collection of points that refuse to decide whehter they are clouds or rocks, or lines that are washing lines, and then seem to form maps, and then shift into the fine diagonal lines of the wind.” — Beatriz Alonso

Edited by Publication Studio Hudson and Slowtrack.

  1. Atmospheric Mediations.

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