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bonanza: some type of way

Lana Williams, Conrad Guevara, and Lindsay Tully
n/a Gallery
Artists' Books
20 × 24 × 0.4 cm

Published on the occasion of the exhibition bon/anza 3: dress for this

n/a Gallery, October 18 – December 6, 2013

featuring twenty artists, performers, and curators, ‘some type of way’ showcases a collection of artworks, essays and conversations around collaboration as a strategy of creative, social, and personal empowerment and resistance. contributors include:

ap-art-ment : laura boles faw and cathy fairbanks

marion anthonisen

bonanza : conrad guevara, lindsay tully, lana williams

candidate : lovett / codagnone and michele pauli

margit galanter and nicholas sung

jackie im and aaron harbour

amanda roscoe mayo

kait mooney

legacy russell

stairwell’s : sarah hotchkiss and carey lin

chris e. vargas and greg youmans

wendy yao

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  1. bonanza: some type of way

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