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Perceiving Something Different, After Something Significant, Although Things Remain the Same

Laura Toots
Artists' Books
20 × 29 × 0.2 cm

Processing memories through drawing, the media that is often described as closest to imagination, is a delicate artistic technique. For Laura Toots, drawing has served as a practical tool in the reinterpretation of private memories where its spontaneous nature plays a role in the reconstruction process. Her drawings were initially not meant to be shown as such but made as sketches drawn in order to create ideas for photographs that were to be shot. The drawing process, shaped in the course of making, was thereby intuitive and undirected, and the act of drawing served as a space to recognize, react and respond to sources of memories.

Texts by Miklos Gaal

Graphic design by Indrek Sirkel

  1. Perceiving Something Different, After Something Significant, Alt

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