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hpht*paper °1

Artists' Books
21.5 × 29.5 × 0.3 cm
40 pp

hpht is a creative collective and photography agency based in Berlin. *paper °1 features four independently shot photographic stories by Christopher Cao, Moritz Haase, Andreas Schreiner and Andreas Lisander Strauch. New compositions and interrelations unfold as the viewer turns each of the 40 double-sided multi-sized pages.

The publication includes a transcription of a dialogue between the featured artists in which they explain and talk about their photographic journey and the importance of spirituality in their work.

A rubber band connects both the jacket and the transcript with the body which is composited and stapled by hand.

Softcover, staple-bound, colour
Numbered edition of 200

  1. hpht*paper °1

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