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Ed 1: The Architecture of Architecture

20.5 × 26.5 × 1.1 cm
163 pp

Founded in 1997, Archinect was the first online architecture platform and community built specifically for the globally connected internet era. The site has since become the top online destination for architects, progressive-design oriented students, educators, and architecture enthusiasts. The website’s community currently connects more than 30,000+ firm/business profiles, 60,000+ architect/student profiles, 75,000+ uploaded projects, among our over 175,000+ registered, active users.

Ed is a place to curate thoughts on specific architecture-related themes relevant to the time of publication. The content is produced by invited contributors, Archinect editorial staff, public submissions and from activity on Archinect. It is a hybrid publication, co-existing with the interactive, community-based platform that Archinect nurtures, while growing into an archive of material that generates a clearer perspective of the architecture industry over time, at a different scale than the internet naturally facilitates. Ed charges forward into new territory while taking inspiration and elaborating on trends from Archinect’s dedicated community of participants and contributors.

The first issue focuses on “The Architecture of Architecture”, investigating the forces that determine and delimit the possibilities of architectural practice and thought today. Featuring both visual and written work, the issue asks some of the most innovative voices in contemporary architecture to take a look at how this operates, and how it can be redesigned. In short, “The Architecture of Architecture” endeavors to sketch out the limits of contemporary architectural practice and thought, and to imagine alternatives.

Softcover, perfect-bound, b/w and colour

  1. Ed Issue 1

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