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Prefix Photo Issue 37: The Aerial View

Prefix Photo

The Aerial View by Scott McLeod

Deconstructing the Doughnut: On Trevor Paglen’s Circles by Dan Adler
As Above, So Below: Simryn Gill’s Eyes and Storms by Kenneth Hayes
The Scale of Monuments: Daniel Alexander’s When War Is Over by Sara Knelman

Literary Feature
Death Comes Flying by Sven Lindqvist

Saydnaya (Ray Traces) by Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Salt Pans by Edward Burtynsky
Selected works by Trevor Paglen
jpegs by Thomas Ruff
Eyes and Storms by Simryn Gill
Selected works by Center for Land Use Interpretation
When War Is Over by Daniel Alexander
The Last Soviet by Kerry Tribe

Book Reviews
Ecstatic Worlds: Media, Utopias, Ecologies
Janine Marchessault
Reviewed by Jeff O’Brien

Maria Hupfield: The One Who Keeps On Giving
With texts by Crystal Migwans and Richard William Hill
Reviewed by Barbora Racevičiūtė

Duty Free Art
by Hito Steyerl
Reviewed by Jesse Cumming

Rosa Barba: From Source to Poem
Texts by Manuel Borja-Villel, Giuliana Bruno, Joan Jonas, Elisabeth Lebovici, Andrea Lissoni and Roberta Tenconi
Reviewed by Rebecca Travis

Softcover, perfect-bound, colour

  1. Prefix Photo 37

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