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Prefix Photo Issue 38: The Canadian Vernacular

Prefix Photo

The Canadian Vernacular by Scott McLeod

On Being Illiberal:Indigenous Artists Challenge Western Perceptions of Indigenous Political Knowledge by Suzanne Morrissette

Between Sea and Sky: Ned Pratt’s Newfoundland Landscapes by Ray Cronin

A Cove Story: Michael Snow in Newfoundland by Michael Snow

Passport by Tek

Long View by Jin-me Yoon

Continuous Resistance Remix by Fallon Simard

Exorcising America by Merritt Johnson

Burying the Ruler by Carl Beam

The Idea of North by Birthe Piontek

Selected works by Michael Snow

You Seem to Be Where I Belong by Jason Brown

Selected works by Ned Pratt

Landlocked by Eamon Mac Mahon

Book Reviews
New Dark Age: Technology and the End of the Future by James Bridle
Reviewed by Lindsay LeBlanc

Zoe Leonard: Survey With texts by Douglas Crimp, Elisabeth Lebovici, Fred Moten, Bennett Simpson, Lanka Tattersall and others
Reviewed by Rebecca Travis

2016 in Museums, Money and Politics by Andrea Fraser
Reviewed by Jill Glessing

Fiction as Method Edited by Theo Reeves-Evison and Jon K. Shaw
Reviewed by Alex Borkowski

  1. Prefix Photo Issue 38

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